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About Taka Bank.

An online platform that facilitates collection of trash for proper waste management and an entry point to youth empowerment.

We bring together youth groups via the platform to set up, manage Taka banks (trash ATMs) and receive branded trash (plastics, bottles, papers) from the users in the communities.

links to match them with opportunities, enable free flow of information and financial empowerment.

Reward and appreciate customers for being responsible consumer.

The youth are not idle, they are available...

Gilad Millo

The problem

Take a step in any corner, street, estate, Road in Nairobi and whole of Kenya. What is prevalent are images of waste (papers, plastics, bottles) and a big number of young people idling around.

Leading to a negative impact to our environment and health for the waste and vulnerability to drug abuse, crime, exploitation by politicians to the youth.

Both with a loud statement that shouts “ No value after use

People throw away what they no longer need as trash, what if we created value after use.


The solution

More value after use