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Community Champion Partner

We know you are willing to go the extra mile to give and make the lives of your fellow Kenyans bearable in this season and time.

You are keen in responding with care, love and kindness in this time of need.

We understand the biggest issues isn't just the virus but it's effects;

  • Mistrust
  • Lost resources
  • Misinformation
  • Jobs and anxiety

Your main concern is how can we be able to effectively, genuinely in a scalable way help the once who really need it.

In support of the Governments, Private sectors and all the other partners. We, The Dandora Hip hop City through Customer bora are rolling out - Community Champions.

We would demonstrate your heart by being your hands, eyes, feet and ears in the vulnerable communities.

We need more than one approach to reach our goal.

About us

The COMMUNITY CHAMPION are a network of young women and men spread across major informal settlements including Naivasha and Nakuru.

We have established a "pipeline" to be able to mitigate some of these challenges;

  • Map out on the vulnerable (women, children, old and the sick)
  • Give feedback on the real needs for us to be able to make informed interventions.
  • Disseminate the right information on prevention, identifying and handling COVID-19
  • Distribute resources to the doorstep of the once in need.

These young people are trusted voices in their communities and are looking forward to see the situation become better.


  • Promote self-distancing and Reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Communities to be well informed about what's happening, how to manage and find help if need be.
  • A vulnerable person to get the help they need not just what's available and thrown at them.
  • Assist institutions in achieving strategic informed interventions.

We were made for such a time as this.


Dandora HipHop City Founded by Juliani - a renowned Kenyan artist - seeks to provide tools, resources and enabling space for young people to exercise and bring out their full potential in art, music, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Customer bora is an initiative within the organization that leverages on tech and community organizing to promote proper waste management.So far it has thirty-two youth groups signed up from informal settlements.

Setting up taka bank and with our web up takabank.com to reward responsible consumers, help corporates to realize their social and environmental impact and simply make sure waste end up in the right hands and not our oceans or streets

Support now:

Mpesa Paybill:

Business number : 784577

Account number : community Champions 


Bank Account Details:

AC N0: 0082344519001
Swift Code - SBMKENYA
Bank Code - 60
Branch Code - 008