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Community Champions


Community Champions is a program under Customer Bora. It is an established pipeline set to disseminate information, map out communities and to distribute much needed assistant to the informal settlements.


This year has seen a rather off start with the Corona Virus (COVID 19) pandemic. Therefore the Government, private sector, NGOs and everybody are trying their level best to cushion the people against the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. Despite all this, we are fortunate there is help and all sorts of interventions being suggested and implemented. We are optimistic that we will come out victorious, however, only challenge is how soon we can get through this having minimum negative effects to our lives.


  1. Like any other situation, we respond with panic which breeds anxiety, misinformation and miss trust. These factors come as a hindrance to all the timely interventions at hand.
  2. We have people who want to help and not just that but make sure the help reaches the right people.


  1. Community Champions anchored around our Customer Bora platform provides a pipeline to disseminate and distribute information and other form of help to the community.
  2. We are activating the youth groups we work with to be our hands and eyes in the communities.

Therefore not only mitigates the misinformation, mistrust and anxiety but also provides work for the readily available young people.

The Role of the Community Champions will be:

  • Create awareness, share correct information about Covid-19.
  • Map out their neighborhoods, collect information on the vulnerable, needy or any other relevant details.
  • Distribute resources and implement other initiatives necessary to prevent, promote and sustain better and healthy practices in the communities.

Steps to Become a Community Champion:

  1. Read and understand this document
  2. Sign up for a training on Amref leap Mhealth platform.
  3. Await verification and identification tag, branding protective gear by our compliance team.
  4. Learn how to use the Taka Bank platform and other relevant instructions.
  5. You are good to go.

Kindly go through these requirements to qualify your engagements.

Step 1: Youth Groups sign up Requirements:

  1. Be a registered CBO/ Youth group/ Self Help group.
  2. Sign up and be verified on www.customerbora.co.ke
  3. Set up a Taka Bank center/ kiosk to be the center of operations to disseminate information and resource distribution. (Instructions will be shared)
  4. Be at least 5 members in the youth group and a maximum of 10 active members for this particular program.
  5. Should be ready to undergo the training process.
  6. Adhere to our Terms and Conditions.
  7. Have a smartphone.
  8. Be an active member in your activity.
  9. Be a team worker.
  10. Availability on request.

NB: As a mandatory requirement by MOH every community champion should sign up to leap, the mHealth platform by AMREF be able to be trained on how to prevent, identify, handle and report cases of Covid-19.

Community Champions Code of Conduct:

  • Availability on request
  • Maintain a clean station, wash your hands frequently.
  • Practice the Covid-19 preventative measures.
  • Treat the vulnerable members of the community with kindness, respect and care. (i.e. The old, children, women et al)
  • Service to others at the center.
  • Accountability, know and adhere to all the set up structures.
  • Embrace teamwork and support each other to ensure better lifestyles.
  • Report and give feedback, concerns, challenges and opportunities in service.
  • Members should be alert at all times. No use of alcoholic or other substances.
  • Treat members of the community with kindness, gentleness and care that they need.
  • Listen and give feedback on the community as per the set channels.

Community Champions Terms and conditions:

  • This is on volunteer basis; does not translate to formal employment.
  • This is not a commercial engagement.
  • Payments are done weekly.
  • Share reports daily as per set responses and indicators.
  • Review weekly engagement.
  • Any misconduct by a member will be looked into and handled accordingly.
  • The Customer Bora team serves the right to admission.
  • All the partners working are third parties and incase of any concerns or differences, they should be communicated to the Customer Bora team.
  • This initiative is not for profit making and resources raised are to help in the operations.
  • We will collect your stories, images for the sole purpose of the initiative and to update all interested parties. Kindly communicate incase of any concerns.
  • Customer Bora team has the right to include more T&Cs on this list to better engagement of all parties involved.
  • Customer Bora will not be held liable incase of any member acting outside this initiative and itsTerms and Code of conduct.
  • We respect the privacy of each member and users of Taka bank all personal information received will be private and used only to serve the community better.


  • We will provide a weekly stipend of kes 500 - 1000 per person per youth group member with communications (airtime and data) and necessary tools provided.
  • This will be distribute after every week and all the set procedures are verified by our compliance officer

NB: Your feedback is highly recommended for better service and engagement to you and the community members.

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