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Dandora Hiphop City

Dandora Hiphop City

Address - Nairobi,Dandora Phase 4, Gitare Marigu
Phone - 254712062393
Email - dandorahhp@gmail.com

shopID: cw6WFA


Holistic individuals of value to themselves and their community.


Dandora Hip Hop city a community, a space that provides resources, tools and learning environment for young people in the informal settlements to take up leadership and put up their skills to practice. 
The space is run by volunteers, who organize, implement programs by having real time practical approach to problem solving.
We encourage the attitude of “I have something to offer” and “What skills do I have that I can use to 
contribute to make this community better”
Dandora Hip Hop city, we believe in learning and doing, that each person when given an opportunity they can rise beyond their realities. 
We believe in personal vision and goals, that this community is active because they are on their way to be great and DHC is a path to prepare them, support them