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Viwandani fenest youth group
Nairobi /makadara

Viwandani fenest youth group

Address - Nairobi /makadara,Viwandani
Phone - O735129607
Email - erickjembajemba5@gmail.com

shopID: yyTRmQ


To impoThis group is made up of young men within the age gap of 18 and above Mr. Erick magembe the foundation brought this young men together so that they could learn on how to be financially independent and be able to create wealth by themselves. Among the plans laid ahead is making a standard car wash that will enable them to make good earning from their work. Other businesses in the pipe line is opening small scale businesses that they can manage and expand in time. This ideas came about after learning that this ambitious young men were losing track after being frustrated due to insufficient employment opportunity. The group is self motivated and we look forward to a brighter and better future for these young men.


The youth of the group is been located at makadara area viwandani ward .The group started two years ago the main activities are cleanups. carwash. Community awareness within mukuru